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Setting up a check-in group

I’m trying to find the best way to provide regular deadlines for myself. I tend to think, read, process a lot before I write and so I need regular scheduled points to make myself produce output.

If there are too few deadlines, there is too much work and the quality and content suffers.

Just the right number of deadlines, spaced out, means less work each time, and better quality. It also provides time for revisions and thinking too.

If the deadlines are too frequent, however, then there is not enough time to do the work required.

I’m going to start with weekly deadlines, and see how they go. Then if that’s too frequent, I’ll try fortnightly ones.

For that purpose I’ve created a Slack channel for checking in with myself and others.

If you would like to join then do email me and I’ll add you on. I’m still working on the rules and the constraints but it feels like a good idea. joanna @ Drop me a line if you’d like a check-in buddy for your deadlines.

Maybe a template would be helpful.


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