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Needing a schedule and an end date

I was reminded today that I’d been meeting with my Patreon mentor Helen for two years* and the overall output I’ve produced is not much. At least, according to those who know how much output there should be. I’ve written up a survey, a few case studies (still incomplete) and I’m nearly finished with my first article.

So what is my end date? I don’t actually have one. Or at least I didn’t have one until today. I have just liked the idea of doing this forever or maybe for 10 years; or have I?

I want to finish this PhD so I can learn the right skillset and have the right criteria to at some point work with a university or even apply for academic positions. That seems positive to me.

So I do want to finish. Or at least part of me does.

One way to figure out how much other parts resist what I’m doing is by writing up a schedule and noting any resistance.

With feedback from HK, it seems reasonable to write six articles in two years. I have two more to write for 2022, and then three for 2023.

Validity check: The PhD by thesis requires five to seven articles so that fits.

A fellow student talked about her work at the group meeting and really inspired me in further matters:

  1. What is the demographic of the Twitter activists/citizen journalists;
  2. Autoethnographically: writing an academic article is journalism; noting how I write that counts as practice.
  3. Who is excluded? Who excludes themselves?

How much of my research is about the local political participation and how much is about researching how to do a PhD on local political participation?

Immediate Actions

  • Finish the article, send to HK before the end of the month.
  • Cut about 2000 words, let it flow better; make it make sense.
  • Plan two further articles for 2020
  1. Riots in Bristol and news framing
  2. demographics of citizen journalists in Bristol

Plan three further articles for 2023

  1. local media? local journalism? (See Franklin, 2006; Routledge Handbook on the local media) how local is the coverage?
  2. Citizen journalists in other cities (what’s the angle? LDRs in cities linked to quantity of activism?)
  3. Diary research on the use of mayoral time.

Schedule for PhD


28 February – Final version of Article 1

15 June – Article 2

15 November – Article 3


15 April – Article 4

15 August – Article 5

15 December – Article 6

And then I have to fit in the application to a university for a thesis by publication and a 20,000 words or so for a dissertation. I also have to wait to see whether the articles are accepted, any revisions, how long it takes to get published, submit to different journals etc.

Submitting by 2025 seems a possibility.

Schedule for writing a book on how to do a self-studied PhD?

??? This was in the back of my mind but not really something I thought about. How about I think about it now?

If I was planning out a book, which I do want to write, I’d write about setting up a schedule for how to be a professional researcher and complete a PhD in Chapter 1.

15 March – outline for a book on how to do a self-studied PhD.

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*It’s actually nearly three years because I began in July 2019


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