About me

My name is Joanna, and in the spirit of confessional tones, I am happy to tell you that I am a social researcher.

Professionally, I am a book editor and knitwear designer but I trained and worked as a social researcher for years. I began a PhD in 2005 and did not complete it. From 2008 onward, I worked as a researcher within higher education. In 2015, I could no longer afford to commute and so switched to freelance work.

I focused on editing and on knitting. It’s the editing that mostly pays the bills. The knitting, not so much.

At the back of my mind, however, I yearned to still be able to research and that’s how this blog came about.


I am making sure I document everything in a blog because 1) it’s a great way to keep this process as linear as possible; 2) it helps me keep my thoughts coherent and structured; and 3) if I can help someone else with what I’m doing then I’ll be happy knowing I’ve contributed to their knowledge.

Feel free to get in touch. I’d be more than happy to hear from you.

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