Looking at access to prominence

[Citations are from Media Amnesia by Laura Basu] Concentration of the media has been accompanied by an ‘obliteration of a left and social democratic tradition in the press’ (Golding and Middleton 1982 — Images of Welfare: Press and Public Attitude to Poverty: 217). This happened in three ways: the death of individual titles the deradicalisation […]

Information decay and methodology — agenda setting

My topic is “what is the effect of social media on local political participation and knowledge, compared to local and national mainstream media”. One way to explore this was to measure the different effects. I published a few stories within the following types of media: social media alone (including blogs) social media and local media […]

Fake News and authority

Local news doesn’t have a ‘fake news’ issue so it was surprising to go to a Points West filming news anniversary and see them invite along someone from Cardiff University (they have an excellent media department) and Kerry-Anne Mendoza from the Canary to talk about the fake news issue. Fake news is usually associated with […]

Following up on literature and trolling

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, the mayor has a declared policy of ‘not engaging’ with the ‘trolls’, which doesn’t seem to include not calling people trolls, as he is alleged to have done. He has allegedly called activists or people who write opinion pieces in local media, trolls in public meetings, and […]

Harassment of local and citizen journalists

In 2019, the mayor is recorded as having bullied and criticised and been quite rude to journalists in the chamber. These journalists were employed by the local press however, and therefore had some support. After one of the worst occasions regarding a journalist’s use of the word ‘tip’ rather than recycling waste centre [check wording], […]

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