The economics of running a news platform at either social, local or national level affect the process and capability of news production.

National papers have more resources than local or independent media. Local papers have more resources than independent media.

Independent media often doesn’t have the ability to go out and find a consistent set of news. With no access to public information — e.g. when it has been blacklisted from the council’s press communications — it can’t report on many local issues with the same level or before any bigger media centres.

The inability to gather their own news means that the local and national media can’t be ignored. Independent media does (often? always?) not have the resources to replace other forms of news. (Basu)

Independent media often has a different relationship to advertising than do bigger news sources.

I feel like I need some kind of chart here. Or some statistical model.

If I were to model the effect of local participation, what would my independent variable be? what measures local participation?

If I were to include say, number of statements or questions to public forum as an dependent variable, that might affect the independence of something like likelihood to vote at a local election;

I could have a combined variable of political party activism (leafletting, phone banking, election night attendance etc), voting intention/action, activity at city council.

Some of the model’s dependent variables might be:

  • number of articles produced
  • number of ads
  • number of reporters
  • topics covered
  • revenue
  • Type of advertisers
  • readership — number of hits?
  • social media share

I will check the UKDA.

Where would I get the data though? British Household study? do they have any local election data? I think the British Election Study has a question about whether people voted in their local election and to which party.


Hardy, J. (2014) Critical Political Economy of the Media. Routledge.

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