Self evaluation, feedback on timings

One part of this ultralearning project is about achieving a PhD-level of research by myself without a higher education institution; the other part though is not needing to be constrained by typical time limitations. Could I research and write up a thesis and pass a viva, or submit for a PhD via publication in under three years?

That depends on how I can manage my time. Keeping a track of how long the work actually takes me, therefore, needs to be a necessary part of my feedback to myself. I’m not here to impress anyone but to fulfil a task I have set myself.

My initial plan is to keep track and report weekly on how long different parts of the work are taking me.

Some ideas of categories:

  • Researching new sources
    • Carpini, D., After Broadcast News; What Americans know about politics and why it matters;
    • Spatial analysis;
    • Handbook of Propaganda
    • Information effects
    • Media effects
  • Researching linked sources
    • Still following up references from Schefeule et al; still in the Comms Studies subject.
    • Received Kennamer’s Public Opinion, The Press and Public Policy;
  • Reading about doctoral education
    • Patrick Dunleavy’s How to Author a Phd
      • Different styles of arguments in theses;
      • I am reading it as an ebook and have set myself the task of reading at least 1% before I go to bed each night. I am up to 26% (27% now. This blog post has taken two days).
    • 15 minutes to writing a thesis by Joan Bolker
    • Article on grad school advice; particular note on how to take notes.

I spent about 1.5 hours doing the above. I haven’t written anything original or in terms of literature review. I didn’t even take notes of any research. This lack of actual reading and of writing is my main worry.

I’m still adding references from the Scheufele article and adding them to Zotero. I then find articles or books from those authors and add more.

I need to make sure I am reading something each day and taking notes, however, not just researching how to research.

It’s the school holidays for another two weeks so I have the children to take care of, and work to do as well. There will be a bit more time to study once school starts in September.

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