Update: mid-September

I spent a lot of time finishing the editing of a manuscript this week so I had less time to blog and research. I did achieve something significant, however, and that has opened up the level of access I have to information.

To take a quick step back, my inspiration for a while now has been Dr. Helen Kara who is a social researcher and blogs about her processes and career. This allowed me to ‘see’ in a way the kind of future that inspired me.

She wrote a while ago about how she joined the Social Researchers Association and how that provided her with access to EBSCO, which is a database of journals.

Throughout the literature review course I was doing, and which gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation as well, there was much mention of databases at universities where people could use keywords to search for articles and literature on their subject. As an independent researcher not affiliated with a university, I had no access to this. At the back of my mind was the idea of heading to a local university, UWE, and registering with them because they have a link with our public city libraries.

UWE is a bus ride away as it’s out of town. We do have a university right in the city centre and they are even currently building a £70 million+ library. They are not so sharing and caring with their resources, however. You can access their material by showing up and requesting a day pass. You will have to have ordered it online previously, wait for notification, hand over some ID and then only read it or photocopy it on the premises. You can’t use their computers.

I have accessed a couple of PhD thesis in this manner. But I need more right now.

So here comes the EBSCO reference from Helen. I checked how much the price for membership was with the SRA and joined up. It’s £60 a year for self-employed researchers. It felt a bit of an investment but £5 a month for access to knowledge is not too bad at all.

The second fluke of stumbling across information was on Twitter this early morning (2 am) and coming across Routledge’s ‘Trending’ series which is open access to December 31. It’s about social media and political activism, and that sounds like exactly what I need. It’s in sociology rather than communications or politics but still it’s an opportunity to discover my ‘colleagues’ out there.

The network of people and writing that I will be joining. My community, as such. Possibly a neighbouring commune of my community, now that I’ve taken a look at the themes being addressed. It’s still helpful though.

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