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Concept Map

I’ve been working on a concept map of my research (with much thanks to the FutureLearn course for how to do a literature review). This helps to first identify the structure of the research and then find matching articles and information that fits alongside those concepts.

It’s a great way to work on what research is available without that overwhelming fear of just how much is out there. You look at your concept map, see if a particular article can provide you with an answer to one of the concepts, and then keep it or ditch it.

I’m still working on it. I’m finding it a bit tricky to connect the different media types with the type of media effect, and magnitude of it. I used to make it.

Any tips on how to link bits and pieces would be welcomed.

My topic and question is What is the effect of social media on [local?] political participation and knowledge, in relation to local and national media?

Update: social media is known for its unpleasantness, its ‘echo chamber’ and for its ability to make certain items of information go ‘viral’. This made me wonder about the idea of ‘trolling’. The Bristol mayor is well known for being very thin skinned and for calling anyone who questions him on social media ‘trolls’.

That brought up the idea of acceptable and unacceptable political participation.


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